Dr. Bruce M. Swain

Pensacola, Florida
United States

Focus Areas

Higher Education


Bruce Swain earned A.B., M.A.T., and Ed.D. in College Teaching degrees in English at Davidson College, Harvard University and Columbia University. His journalism career included reporting and editing jobs at a Wisconsin weekly, the Madison Capital Times and the Louisville Courier-Journal, as well as part-time reporting for the Chicago Sun-Times, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The New York Times. He has also written numerous freelance magazine articles. Swain taught journalism at the University of Kentucky, the University of Georgia and Ithaca College and headed the journalism programs at the University of Kansas and the University of Central Missouri before coming to UWF in 2001 as chair of the Department of Communication Arts. In 2009 he returned to full-time teaching of reporting, editing and graduate courses. He is the author of the book "Reporters' Ethics" and a monograph on the Progressive magazine prior restraint case, as well a number of academic journal articles and conference papers on journalism history, reporting practices and ethics. Despite rumors to the contrary, he was not born in a log cabin, nor did he walk miles to school in the snow.