Dr. Liz M. Rosenberg

Professor, English Department
State University of New York-Binghamton
Binghamton, New York
United States

Focus Areas

Arts & Humanities


Liz Rosenberg is a poet, author, and professor of English and creative writing at the State University of New York, Binghamton. Born in 1958 in Glen Cove, New York, Rosenberg is best known for her work as a children's book author and her accomplishments in poetry. She received a B.A., Bennington College, M.A., John Hopkins University, and Ph.D., State University of New York. In addition to writing, Rosenberg serves on school boards for preschool and kindergarten children and co-founded the Indoor Playground of the City of Binghamton. Among her many honors, Rosenberg has received the Claudia Lewis Poetry Prize, Children's Choice Award, 1982-85, Agnes Starrett Poetry Prize, 1986, and Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Prize, 2001. . Her reviews and articles are frequently published in New York Times Book Review, Chicago Tribune, and Parents. Some of her works of poetry include The Angel Poems, 1984, The Fire Music, 1986, Mama Goose: A New Mother Goose, 1994, and Roots and Flowers: An Anthology of Poems about Family, 2001. Like her poetry, her young adult novels reflect the simple pleasures and complex issues in life through a blend of fantasy and reality. These include The Carousel, 1995, and Heart and Soul, 1996. The Carousel was featured on the popular show Reading Rainbow on the Public Broadcasting System. Rosenberg lives with her husband and son in Binghamton, New York.