Dr. Matthew Quinn

(KNFP-13 Advisor)
Executive Director Emeritus
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Lansdowne, Virginia
United States

Focus Areas

K-12 Education


Matt was hired to start the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation in August 2000. He designed a unique scholarship program which seeks each year to identify 35 to 50 exceptional young people in the 7th grade, assign a personal counselor to each of them during the 8th grade and to develop a learning plan for high school. The foundation pays for its implementation including such expenses as music lessons, speech therapy, private school, summer sessions. They have even bought a cello for one of the scholars. Their plan is to support these young people through college and grad school, with a total potential investment of approximately $400,000 in each of them over the course of 12 to 14 years with them.