Mr. Julio C. Paz-Cafferata

Independent Economic Consultant

Focus Areas

Community & Civic Engagement
Public Sector / Government
Economic Security
Economic Development
Trade / Foreign Policy
Environment & Sustainable Development


An economist from The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore,USA) and San Marcos University (Lima, Peru). His work has been mainly in trade policy and negotiations, agricultural policy and macroeconomic policy reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently, he is Director of the Centre of Strategic Studies at the Instituto Peruano de Acción Empresarial (IPAE). He has been the Chief Agricultural Negotiator for Peru in the FTA negotiations with United States and has coordinated support studies on policy options and impacts of trade negotiations on the agricultural sector. He has worked with FAO as Chief of the Agricultural Policy Branch for Latin America and the Caribbean (1997-2000) and as consultant for FAO’s Commodities and Trade Division to coordinate trade reform studies in selected African, Asian and Latin American countries (2002-2004). He was Chief of Party for USAID’s Policy Enhancement and Productivity project (2000-2002) and for Agricultural and Natural Resources Policy Development project (1995-1997), both implemented by Chemonics International Consulting Co. in Honduras. Between 1989 and 1995, he was a senior economist for the World Bank, in the Agricultural Division for Mexico and Central America. Other positions held by Mr. Paz were: Director of Agricultural Trade and Policies at the InterAmerican Institute for Agricultural Cooperation (IICA), Senior Economist and Deputy Director of the Department of Economic Policy at the Technical Secretariat of the Andean Community; Trade Expert for the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and as Director of Integration at the Ministry for Industry and Trade in Peru. Mr. Paz was awarded the Kellogg International Fellowship in Food Systems (1985-88) to finance his research and networking in food policy analysis and the Central Bank of Perú Scholarship (1967-1969) for his graduate studies in economics in the United States. He has taught international trade and economic theory at the Universidad Catolica, Universidad de Lima and Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Peru.