Dr. Jonathan K. Osorio

Professor, School of Hawaiian Knowledge; Center for Hawaiian Studies
Honolulu, Hawaii
United States

Focus Areas

Arts & Humanities
Higher Education
Racial Equity & Healing
Indigenous Communities


Jon Osorio is a tenured Professor of the Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. He teaches undergradutate and graduate courses in  Hawaiian Studies with a focus on nineteenth century history and indigenous knowledge and literacies. An accomplished musician, composer, and author, Dr. Osorio wrote Dismembering Lahui: The History Of The Hawaiian Nation To 1887, published by the University of Hawai`i Press in July 2002. A native of Hilo, Hawai`i, Dr. Osorio has spent most of his adult life in Honolulu.