Dr. Alfred B. Ordman

Visiting Angels
Madison, Wisconsin
United States

Focus Areas

Biology / Chemistry / Physical Science
Higher Education
Aging / Gerontology
Biotechnology Issues


A youngster turning 69 in Oct, 2017, I am currently visiting 3 of my 7 grandchildren, with two of my six kids living in Portland OR, after attending the Linus Pauling Institute (LPI) meetings here last week, my life is as full and exciting as ever. My research presented at LPI is on the 47 things I do almost daily to prolong my healthspan. Now 2017, I am writing an NIH SBIR proposal to cure cancer with vitamin C. I am also working as a caregiver with Visiting Angels, aiding a man requiring a kidney transplant. I ended my 38-career as a biochemistry professor at Beloit College 2 years ago, and am beginning next career, awaiting funding decisions to see if I become a scientific cancer researcher, or a caregiver for the elderly, who often are younger than I am. In January, 2018, I submit a grant proposal to fund my research to prevent the recurrence of superficial bladder carcinoma. Bladder cancer (BC) has the highest lifetime treatment costs per patient of all cancers. The high recurrence rate and ongoing invasive monitoring requirement are the key contributors to the economic and human toll of this disease (34). There were about 74,700 new cases and 15,600 deaths from bladder cancer in the US in 2014 (23, 24). Of new cases, 70 to 80% present with superficial bladder carcinomas (SBC) (1). We request funding for 2 years during which we can test a protocol likely to reduce those 50,000+ cancers from recurring and progressing from the current rate of 90% to perhaps as low as zero for those who comply with a safe and easy regimen (2). My method involves simply taking 2 g of vitamin C twice a day for two consecutive days weekly, a cost of about 16 cents. I am fortunate to live on 13+ beautiful acres of prairie and forest, which provides a beautiful garden and lots of exercise year round. My activities include singing lessons, karate lessons, yoga lessons, and meditation at a nearby zendo. Still wife Eliza is now a yoga instructor. Still striving to find the balance between work and family, my next career appears to be as a scientist, though I do find time to substitute teach in public schools a few days a week, all subjects and grades, trying to let kids know that learning is a lot of fun - just what I taught at Beloit for 38 years. After 2000, Beloit College was rated in a Pew Foundation study as the best undergraduate education in the US - in a three way tie. At LPI, I was honored to sit with 3 of the most distinguished nutrition experts on earth, at a conference which emphasized healthspan, Having enjoyed 68 years of great health, I look forward to the next 234! One of those years I will get to a KNFP reunion. I miss you all! Fondly, Roc