Ms. Anne K. Mosness

Director, Go Wild Campaign
Bellingham, Washington
United States

Focus Areas

Community & Civic Engagement
Environment & Sustainable Development


GO WILD CAMPAIGN, BLUEFESTIVAL, ADVOCATE FOR SUSTAINABLE AND FAMILY FISHERIES BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON For many years, Anne Mosness was captain of salmon fishing boats in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Through political action and public outreach, she brings attention to threats to wild fish habitat, value of coastal communities, and similarities between family fishing businesses and small family farms on land. Anne developed the "Go Wild Campaign" to educate consumers, media and policy makers about impacts of marine feedlots and how to make health-enhancing and environmentally sound seafood decisions. Anne co-produced the first annual Bluefestival in October 2009, bringing diverse interests together to focus on 70% of our planet that is aquatic, life-sustaining and increasingly at risk. Anne has worked with the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Mangrove Action Project, Food and Water Watch, Sierra Club and other organizations developing campaigns about industrial aquaculture. She has created informational exhibits and spoken about fisheries/environmental issues at the United Nations Forum for Food Sovereignty in Rome; Slow Food in Turin and San Francisco and Slow Fish in Genoa; Public Interest Environmental Law Conference; Pacific Marine Expo; universities, film festivals and public events and has researched salmon farms in Norway, Scotland, British Columbia, Maine and Washington State. Anne is president of the Women's Maritime Association, a worldwide network that mentors and communicates with seafaring women. She has made recommendations to the Coast Guard and Congress for improving safety conditions in the maritime and fishing industry, and successfully lobbied for a workplace safety law. - See more at: