Dr. Feizi M. Milani

Professor, Ciências da Vida
Universidade do Estado da Bahia
Serrinha, Bahia

Focus Areas

Economic Security
Community Development
Higher Education
Youth Development
Youth Development


Dr. Feizi Milani is a professor at State University of Bahia (UNEB), in Salvador - Bahia. He teaches the Integration Program University - Health Services - Community to medical students. His major interests in the research field are adolescents and youth health (including health disparities, the culture of peace and violence prevention). Dr. Milani has authored a book and co-authored another 10, the most recent of which was published in the US, "Living in poverty: Developmental poetics of cultural realities" (IAP). Dr. Milani has a good understanding and knowledge of the Brazilian national health care system. Since 1990, he worked a total of 18 years in the Health Departments of the municipalities of Lauro de Freitas and Salvador and four years at the Brazilian Ministry of Health. He has also served the Federal Government in two distinct positions. As a Technical Advisor to the Adolescent and Youth Health Agency, he led the development of the National Directives for Adolescent and Youth Health. He also co-led the conception and approval of a Federal Government policy aimed at providing health care to 12,000 juvenile offenders under legal custody nationwide. He also served as a consultant to the National Policy on Health Humanization, working closely with the Health Department of the State of Bahia to ensure that public health centers and hospitals would implement actions to improve the quality of their services. Feizi Milani is a Medical Doctor specializing in Adolescent Medicine and he has a Ph.D. in Public Health. He is a KILP Fellow, an “Ashoka Innovators for the Public” Fellow, and he was awarded with the Prêmio Cidadania Mundial (World Citizenship Award), sponsored by the Bahá’í Community of Brazil. In 1997, he took part in Salzburg’s Seminar session 346, on “Race and Ethnicity: Models for Diversity”.