Dr. Derek B. Kenner

Founder and CEO
Kenner Training Solutions LLC
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States

Focus Areas

Economic Security
Economic Development
Higher Education
Leadership Development


Derek B. Kenner is Founder and CEO of Kenner Training Solutions LLC (formerly known as The Kenner Group), a management consulting company that provides management and sales consulting services, training, board and leadership development to non-profit corporations, for-profit corporations, and faith-based organizations. Kenner Training Solutions creates, develops, and facilitates training of senior management, sales and fundraising executives, and provides strategic planning, training, and coaching services to organization's executives. Dr. Kenner is also Founder and CEO of The Drambert Group, a growing company that publishes, produces and distributes literature, media, music and information. Its services and products include printed books – fiction and non-fiction, eBooks, magazines, reports, and educational and literary works. This growing company is comprised of Drambert Publishing Company that publishes electronic and printed books and Drambert Press which will create and develop magazines and educational reports.