Dr. Joseph F. DiMento

Professor, Focused Research Group, Newkirk Center for Science & Society
Irvine, California
United States

Focus Areas

Higher Education
Environment & Sustainable Development


In his decades of teaching, Professor DiMento has written 11 books and taught courses on a wide variety of subjects, including urban and regional planning, domestic and international environmental law, administrative law and regulation, business and government, conflict resolution. Recent Publications •Book: Environmental Governance of the Great Seas •Daily Journal: Prof. DiMento on weapons regulation through treaty (PDF) •Daily Journal: "When is a place a nation?" (PDF) •The Orange County Register Opinion section: "Joseph Dimento: When is a place, a nation?" •Daily Journal Perspective piece: "Death of Osama bin Laden: Could There Have Been a Trial?" (PDF) •Daily Journal Perspective piece: "A Natural Peacemaking Opportunity" (PDF) with Carrie Menkel-Meadow •I Diritti Umani Di Fronte Al Giudice Internazionale (Italian journal): "Extraordinary Rendition: Legal and Moral Considerations" •Daily Journal column: "Climate Law Is Hot - But Is it Enough?" (PDF) •Storia Urbana (Italian journal): "Urban Freeways: Three Different City Tales" (PDF) •Prof. DiMento's Scholarly Papers on SSRN Professor DiMento recently stepped down as the director of UC Irvine's Newkirk Center for Science and Society, established in May 2001 with the goal of improving science's response to community needs and to increase the effective uses of scientific results for the benefit of society. Expertise: Environmental law, international dispute resolution, urban planning Prior Courses Taught: Environmental Law and Policy, International Legal Analysis, Domestic, Comparative and International Environmental Law, Management and Policy; Land Use and Development Control Law; Urban and Regional Planning; Administrative Law and Regulation; Business and Government; Conflict Resolution; Property Law, Land Use and Development Control Law, International Environmental Law