Ms. Carolyn J. Cassin

President & CEO
Detroit, Michigan
United States

Focus Areas

Economic Security
Community Development
Policy & Education
Social Justice
Gender Issues
Youth Development
Youth Development


Carolyn has spent her career becoming a national expert in end of life care, organizational management, and the efficient, effective delivery of healthcare services. In 1983 she was part of a group that helped guide the first Medicare reimbursement for hospice successfully through Congress. Since then, Carolyn has taken on the challenge of advancing both the quality and accessibility of hospice care and leadership development for struggling organizations. In 2009, Carolyn accepted the leadership of the Michigan Women’s Foundation, Michigan’s only Foundation dedicated solely to helping women and girls realize their dreams of economic self sufficiency and social equality. She created the Power of 100 Women, a leadership group that focuses on advocacy, leadership development for young and emerging leaders, and economic security for women. In 2010 the Foundation developed an Angel Loan Fund to encourage entrepreneurship and the development of women owned businesses. In addition to her work with the Foundation, Carolyn also continues to lead the National Hospice Work Group (NHWG) after 17 years as a founding member. A professional coalition of executives from some of the nation's largest and most innovative hospices, the NHWG is committed to increasing access to hospice and palliative care. Carolyn and the members of the NHWG continue to work to advance even further, through advocacy, research and education, the proven hospice model of care for people affected by profound disease. Carolyn's latest professional venture is the creation of BELLE Capital, LP, an early stage investment fund, focusing on women owned or managed businesses in Michigan. The Fund, first of its kind in Michigan, currently has 30 women investors and Carolyn serves as one of two Managing Directors. Carolyn earned her Master of Public Administration degree from Western Michigan University, her BA from Miami University, and was a Class V Kellogg National Leadership Fellow.