Dr. Bob Henry Baber

City of Richwood
Richwood, West Virginia
United States

Focus Areas

Community & Civic Engagement
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Economic Security
Economic Development
Rural Development
Arts & Humanities
Higher Education
K-12 Education
Leadership Across Differences
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Leadership Development
Organizational Development / Management
Racial Equity & Healing
Indigenous Communities
Racial Equity & Healing
Social Justice
Human Rights
Social Justice
Environment & Sustainable Development
Youth Development
Youth Development


I am currently the Mayor of Richwood, West Virginia, a town of 2,000 in the northeast corner of the struggling coalfields of Appalachia. In 2016, on the day I was elected by a vote of 104 to 103, the town was hit with a Katrina like event--A Thousand Year Flood. We have been in recovery and will remain so for years to come. Our needs are many, capacity-building, education, speakers, artists, planners, etc. are all going to be required to maximize our recovery. But it will be done. Previous to becoming Mayor I was in Public Relations at Glenville State College and also was over the WV Veterans Legacy Project, a half million dollar grant-funded initiative to interview vets. An outgrowth was the creation of a book, Heroes Among Us, a documentary that showed on WV Public Broadcasting, and many other products--including a traveling vet photography show. I am a writer and artist by calling and love teaching and conducting team building workshops. I can speak about the little known Appalachian region and share poetry and stories. I have run in the Mountain/Green Party for both the Governorship and United States Senate. We are the only entity for environmental and social justice. Two years ago, my novel Pure Orange Sunshine (the story of being shot by the LAPD in 1971 at a riot they started. . .and being charged with attempted murder of a police officer) was published after 40 years. I am a creative writing teacher, team-builder, and mosaic artist. I do keynotes, readings, collective art projects (including murals) with all age groups. bobhenrybaber.com I have a Doctorate from the Union Institute, where our friend, Roger Sublett is President.