Dr. Marlene S. Arnold

Professor of Anthropology
Millersville, Pennsylvania
United States

Focus Areas

Higher Education


Marlene Arnold is Professor of Anthropology at Millersville University in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she teaches courses in cultural anthropology, including North American Indian, Cross-Cultural Communication, Peoples and Cultures of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and Ethnographic Field Research, among others. Additionally, during her career at Millersville University, she was the founding director of the Office of Global Education, which expanded student and faculty international exchange and created a major and minor in international studies. She also founded the Leadership Institute, which for five years facilitated faculty in applying their expertise outside of the university. Dr. Arnold also initiated the development of the recently launched Entrepreneurship Minor. As a Fulbright Scholar and Kellogg Fellow, Dr. Arnold has traveled to more than 25 countries on nearly every continent, including Brazil, Cuba, China, the former U.S.S.R., Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, and Morocco, to expand her first-hand experience of cultures. She has done extensive fieldwork in Greece and Turkey and has conducted seminars in Japan, Ireland, Italy and Austria. Marlene Arnold specializes in cross-cultural communication, interaction, and issues. She has consulted for businesses and organizations on organizational/corporate culture, cross-cultural communication, and culture change. Arnold combines her in-depth understanding of culture and her extensive international experience to assist clients in applying cultural know-how. For 15 years, Dr. Arnold provided cultural training for officials from Shanghai, China. Additionally, Dr. Arnold has consulted on other East Asian cultures, as well as on Latin American and Middle Eastern cultures. Currently, Dr. Arnold is applying her cross-cultural knowledge and expertise to examining and and describing the more than ten different cultures living and interacting in the colony of Pennsylvania leading up to the American revolution. Marlene Arnold holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she has served on the Board of Trustees. She can be reached at marnold@providenceproject.us.